Enough About Me.

My hair’s on fire about climate change. I am furious about the devastating impacts of man-made global warming. The polar bears don’t keep me up at night—we do. I just hate to think of all of us, and our grandchildren, living in fear of the next storm, fire, or famine. I cannot quite accept that we aren’t going to get this right.

How dare we jeopardize the monumental human civilization we have built since we squirmed out of the muck a billion years ago? Think Matisse, the Mayans, Masters & Johnson. Bernini, Buddhism, Barolo, beach vacations. Coffee, chocolate, cancer.

It’s all connected.

Why aren’t we insisting on policies that make sense in this country? We’re going to actually increase exposure to carbon pollution and chemical emissions? Really?

Who’s in charge here?

Will we allow an insipid class of greedy entrenched interests to determine the fate of the damn planet? Of course not. We cannot allow it. Period. On the other hand, like eczema this is not a problem that’s going to take care of itself.

You understand.

You’re worried too. Like me, you’d prefer we avoid the worst of this calamity. And that means acting now.

Think of this blog as essential fuel. A series of essays and updates to get you to work on this: an accurate, actionable, continuing call to arms cloaked in an accessible, tasty sauce that’s easy to devour and share. Subscribe, and your inbox will contain salty amuse-bouches to vault you—inspired, informed, and participating brilliantly—into the throngs of innovators and their investors who are solving climate change as we speak.

Tens of trillions of dollars in new infrastructure and energy are required to heave us—all 7,570,971,442 of us—from the old fossil-fueled economy to a healthy green world economy. Make no mistake: that money is moving right now. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, and you want to be part of it.

But beware: never ever forget that there are deniers out there — dunderheads and snakes — who intend to trip us up every inch of the way.

Stomp ’em, I say! We’re smarter than they are. Besides, we’re on the right side of history here.