Enough About Me.

My hair’s on fire about climate change. I am furious about the devastating impacts of man-made global warming. The polar bears don’t keep me up at night—we do. I just hate to think of all of us, and our grandchildren, forever living in fear of the next storm, fire, or famine. I cannot quite accept that we aren’t going to get this right.

What to do About Monster Storms? Nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

Every time I boil an egg, I am reminded of people who have no eggs. No eggs, no water, no power — and whose chickens are god knows where. From my privileged perch above the (rising) Boston harbor, equipped with wifi, plenty of food, organic everything, and a cache of red wine, I stare at the eggs bobbing in the roiling Caribbean sea of my humble cooking pot. And I observe the simple principle that as water heats up, it boils.

Are You New to the Climate Change Conversation?

As more and more people grasp the severity and pervasiveness of global-warming impacts—a new normal for the human race?—you might wonder why we all, every one of us—citizens, business, universities, the medical community, the media, the armed forces, and government at every level—are not hell-bent on solving this with everything we’ve got. It’s an excellent question, and I hope you won’t let it go.